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Do you question who is really in
charge of your home?

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Do you fear
your child's
behavior is
out of control?

Do you dread getting calls from school?

Wish you could have a happy, safe
and fun environment at home?

All parents worry about their children at one time or another, but when those worries become too prevalent to dismiss, it’s time to take action. With a little help, you can be the parent you want to be and the parent your child needs you to be – even in the most trying of situations.

As a mother, I understand how difficult and overwhelming parenting can be. As a psychotherapist with over seventeen years of experience helping the most challenging child and adolescent populations, I feel confident that I can help you.

I am Kary Valdes, LCSW and my focus is helping parents find solutions. Using an approachable, familiar style, I am able to engage parents in conversation rather than lecturing to them.

Parent Talk with Kary is based on concepts learned through Love and Logic, my formal education and the many families I have helped in therapy. I sometimes bring in examples from my own life – both the successes and the frustrations – which cement my position as a fellow soldier in the trenches.

Contact me at 615-738-8708 with any questions about how to get simple tools and quick techniques that can change your family, help your children to become more confident and have fun!

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Contact me at 615-738-8708 with any questions about my practice or to schedule an appointment. To meet the needs of working families, Saturday appointments are available.

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